2052          What would you like to find waiting at the end of this path?

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Merry Christmas from our Home to Yours

I believe anyone can decorate and it can be done with things you love.
For me that would involve my funky junk and collectibles, and, since we are about to celebrate the birth of Jesus at our house, I start with a tiny replica of the Christ child.

Baby Jesus and lamb

I not only decorate inside but like to decorate my big country porch too.

Christmas 1

We understand and explain that Santa is a fable and supposedly comes to visit and reward good little children….He is based on St. Nick who was real and generous.
Christ is real and comes to anyone who will trust him. We are not sure when Christ was born but we know where and why. We celebrate his birth December 25th.
Santa comes on December 24th. We try to always separate the two by explaining one is fact while the other is fiction.
Below is an old set of Mr and Mrs Santa that was hand crocheted for me many years ago.

crocheted Mr and Mrs Santa

This is a Christmas sign that lights up.

Merry Christmas sign

It hangs above the glider with pillows decorated with Santas at one end and these pillows at the other. The pillows were decorated with felt candy canes. The story of the candy cane is an interesting one. Have you read it?

Old Glider with Christmas Pilows

Back inside I find some old wooden spools and decide they would brighten my table centerpiece.

Old wooden thread spools in a jar

Who doesn’t have jars or other items pushed back in the attic or somewhere? Find them and put them to good use. I like the tiny tree in this larger jar. The “snow” is rock salt….EASY PEASY DECORATING…..and better than expensive decor…. in my opinion.


This old sleigh has heard many giggles of delight from children through the ages. Doesn’t it look festive with the cedar and the bells!

kids sleigh with greenery

Now who couldn’t decorate like that?



A tiny red wagon: perfect for hauling pinecones!

wagon with pinecones

Ok…your turn…go find those things of the past that bring a smile to your face. Display them and watch as others smile with you.


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Painting Hammers..

Thought you might like to see some of my,  “BLING BANGERS!”

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They Way Things are This Thanksgiving

Table and Chairs

That time has come when families gather  to share meals and memories together. Many, however, will have an empty table. Some have one or more empty chairs.

My family has lost three family members this year. Their absence will scream to us. I chose to accept the absence as life’s final stage while I strive to fill that space in my heart and mind with happy memories from gatherings we had in the past. Yet work toward making new ones.

I am so thankful for each one…Mother, Uncle, Cousin… who was part of my life. Because of them my heart beats a happy beat and my face wears a  smile even though my heart has been bruised and broken with their passing. It was wonderful knowing each of them. They left me a better person than I would have been had I not known and admired them.

I think of the words of Mr. Roberts, the TV star from yesterday’s programs. In his neighborhood he liked people as they were; not for what they wore, not for what they did, but for what they were. And with those words, I am determined to have a happy thanksgiving this year. Yes, I shall recognize the empty chairs. But there will be occupied chairs and their will be food to share, so, it is now their time.  Perhaps, they will see a broken heart can love them just the way they are.

Happy Thanksgiving, DiAnne

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Rejoice by Choice

Good News!  Did you realize God does not consult your past to determine your future?

I have been told there are over 3000 promises in the Bible for a joyful good life! Now, I’ll have to admit I have not researched to find if that is true, but it seems reasonable since the Bible is a Book of the Gospel or “good news.”

Tragedies and dead ends can become bridges and wide open gates to astounding results and opportunities. Especially if we turn them over to Jesus Christ who died to defeat death and the grave.

So…….Let’s make a major effort to be happy!  Pass a smile on today. Then watch to see how many return to you. You just may make someone’s day.

Until next time~DiAnne

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Things with Wings.

We have just elected a governor in Kentucky.  The time leading up to the election was not a pleasure. Media messages were heard in abundance, and while they did finally request a vote, most of the time was spent degrading and telling the listener why one should not vote for the  candidates. I sometimes wanted to fly off to a place where elections were over.  It became depressing! But, being a registered voter and wishing for a change for the better in our political system, I endured to the end!

Philippians 4:8 in the Holy Bible says “….Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable….if anything is excellent or praisworthy….think about such things. ” I was only too glad to do just that!

Now,  the votes have been counted. Life moves on, so, I have decided to give my mind a rest and share a few pictures of things I consider lovely. Some are excellent in simplicity while others are grand, but I consider the pure beauty of their existence. Hope you enjoy looking through the lens of my camera at things with wings.

Until next time, DiAnne

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The year is almost over! When did that happen?  Did I sleep for months? Have I totally lost track of time?  My goodness, it seems yesterday we attended graduations, summer Bar-B-Q’s, picked ripen fruits, mowed grass for hours at a time in blistering sun, and swam in warm waters. Now, can it really be time to prepare for the family Thanksgiving meal?  Are we sure the world isn’t turning faster? Perhaps a side affect of global warming! Oh, well, I shall grab my big girl slacks, zip them, and get ready to start the holiday race 🙂

Psalms 92: 12 – 15 tells us the righteous will flourish like a palm tree…they will still bear fruit in old age, they will stay fresh and green, proclaiming, “The Lord is upright; He is my ROCK…”    That faith and persistence is what causes one to be known as, “Righteous.” You must believe and keep on keeping on….Hang in there. If you feel you cannot then take the hand of Christ in faith. He hung on a cross for us and defeated death and the grave. He will hold us when we cannot hold on!   No dought this year there have been some set backs and discouragements but you made it!  Here it is NOVEMBER! The end is fast approaching. Just one more month in this year!


I can’t help but think of the tires in the picture I took. The ones that could not contain the air just flattened out and became useless. They were different sizes and therefore could hold different amounts of pressure but as long as they held it they could do what they were meant to do. Of course, it is best never to make comparisons as we are each uniquely capable in our own right. It is only when we let go that we “go flat.” At that very time we become useless. So remember… Success is largely a matter of hanging on…endure. We are in for a fabulous finish!
Until next time, DiAnne

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