You have discovered a blog that will relate to many things I find interesting in life. It is not ground-shaking, earth-moving, front page news.

It is MY news. News about life; children, grandchildren, travel, rural life, new adventures,old adventures, wildlife, nature, photography and all things joyful to me.

My name is DiAnne. I am a wife,mother,retired teacher,crafter, artist, published author, photographer, somewhat of a clown and a failure at many things, while successful once in a while, but most of the time appreciative of life and all it has to offer.  Although, I am a senior adult, I am learning to blog! (Emphasis on learning.)

I enjoy looking for those vintage items others may wish to throw in the trash. I like to reflect and perhaps remember then give them a new purpose.  I call that, “junking”  or “junktiques”!

I paint wooden hammer handles!  Yes, you read that right.  I am the ,”pretty-hammer lady!”  (check out the crafts tab) My painted hammers are in most states and in an Alaskan museum!

I really really really enjoy Bible study. I believe the Bible is God’s Holy Word and should be applied to daily life. I fall short, but, I do try to please my God.

I add some family information to this blog once in a while, and if you are a “cousin” either by blood, desire, or marriage, feel free to log in and read all about our unique and I stress, ” unique” ancestry.  🙂 Request by personal message for the password. Then send those family stories and pictures so we can share them!

I do not mind you using my ideas, crafts, recipes, but PLEASE GIVE CREDIT. I will always give credit for things I borrow… if I know who to credit, so, of course I expect the same considerations from my readers.

I REALLY LIKE COMMENTS please comment as often as you would like. It helps if this is a two-way conversation site. Thank you, DiAnne (Bloggedyanne)

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