sun set on Galapagos

As I write this much of the Midwest as well as the eastern coast of the USA is experiencing wind , ice and massive snow storms. Highways and businesses are closed. Some are trying to get home while others are home and can’t get out!

In the second gospel, the book of Mark there is a story of a storm that came suddenly. The storm raging in the USA was predicted but the storm in Mark was not. You know in life we will experience storms both expected and unexpected. How do we survive? Can we prepare? Why do storms come to us?

Let’s look at the story in Mark and see if we can discover possible answers. Firstly, notice chapter 4 verse 35….. Jesus was talking to his followers and said ,”Let us cross over to the other side.” They were standing by the shore as evening was approaching. Evening was NOT a good time to cross over! Apparently though, they had faith enough to do what he said because verse 36 tells us they boarded the boat and left the multitude. Notice other boats went along too.

Now, listen, they were doing exactly what Jesus directed them to do. Yet a storm came….A TERRIBLE WIND STORM. I am a world traveler and can tell you for a fact that is a scary situation. Not only does a ship ride massive waves but is rocked and dipped to and fro. It is upsetting mentally, physically (as ones stomach churns) and emotionally as you wonder what to do to save yourself! I believe the passengers had those feelings too. Notice, they looked for Jesus….wise move! But he was asleep! What?! Asleep!!!

How could he sleep? Perhaps because he had already announced to them in the beginning that they were going to the other side. Did they miss that? ( Did you?) When Jesus speaks, it is truth. You can believe HIS word. I feel sure Jesus had no jitters, upset stomach, questions, concerns, because he had said they would go to the other side.

Notice, He did not say we will go smoothly, quickly, or any other way…He simply said we will go and he went with them. It is human nature sometimes to question why storms come to us. Perhaps we even judge the severity and think that means we have fallen short. Not always.

Christians, living on earth will experience life just as all humans do. Sometimes those storms are frightening. They can be financial, emotional, physical, Large and raging or small and sneaky, but cause us to question, lose focus, become sick with worry.

Lastly, notice Jesus did not rebuke them for having fear, but for not having faith. Yes, dear ones, life will throw out some surprises but we must keep the faith.

Is Jesus abiding with you? If we want to survive we must get in his boat. It is the only one going to stay afloat. Then we keep the faith!

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