Look at those gates.  Were they made to hold livestock in or to open and let them out?  They could do either, you say.  I think a new year will afford us options too.  We can open and find life, We can open to experience, or we can close to keep what we’ve had and let the old familiar stay with us. After all, change can be uncomfortable even sometimes painful,  so why move?

Consider the fact  those gates cannot do anything. They must be placed then operated by a living being. You are facing a new year….just as we all are. Will you change and experience life? All living things change…good or bad, fast or slow…change occurs. Are you ready?

Consider the faithfulness of our living God. He has set in motion a sun to always shine as it travels from sunrise in the east to setting in the west… every day and every night. No matter where we travel on planet earth we can see the faithful display of a living God.

Revelations 2:10 reminds us  to be faithful unto death and receive a crown of life.  You see, there is never a time to , “shut the gate,”  We must keep on keeping on.

May you journey be joyous, your travels tearless, as you swing open 2016.



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