Merry Christmas from our Home to Yours

I believe anyone can decorate and it can be done with things you love.
For me that would involve my funky junk and collectibles, and, since we are about to celebrate the birth of Jesus at our house, I start with a tiny replica of the Christ child.

Baby Jesus and lamb

I not only decorate inside but like to decorate my big country porch too.

Christmas 1

We understand and explain that Santa is a fable and supposedly comes to visit and reward good little children….He is based on St. Nick who was real and generous.
Christ is real and comes to anyone who will trust him. We are not sure when Christ was born but we know where and why. We celebrate his birth December 25th.
Santa comes on December 24th. We try to always separate the two by explaining one is fact while the other is fiction.
Below is an old set of Mr and Mrs Santa that was hand crocheted for me many years ago.

crocheted Mr and Mrs Santa

This is a Christmas sign that lights up.

Merry Christmas sign

It hangs above the glider with pillows decorated with Santas at one end and these pillows at the other. The pillows were decorated with felt candy canes. The story of the candy cane is an interesting one. Have you read it?

Old Glider with Christmas Pilows

Back inside I find some old wooden spools and decide they would brighten my table centerpiece.

Old wooden thread spools in a jar

Who doesn’t have jars or other items pushed back in the attic or somewhere? Find them and put them to good use. I like the tiny tree in this larger jar. The “snow” is rock salt….EASY PEASY DECORATING…..and better than expensive decor…. in my opinion.


This old sleigh has heard many giggles of delight from children through the ages. Doesn’t it look festive with the cedar and the bells!

kids sleigh with greenery

Now who couldn’t decorate like that?



A tiny red wagon: perfect for hauling pinecones!

wagon with pinecones

Ok…your turn…go find those things of the past that bring a smile to your face. Display them and watch as others smile with you.


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3 Responses to Merry Christmas from our Home to Yours

  1. Merry Christmas ! I love this. I am enjoying your blog posts ! Sue

  2. Lisa Hobbs says:

    I have been enjoying your post and stories..Keep posting..I love it..

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