They Way Things are This Thanksgiving

Table and Chairs

That time has come when families gather  to share meals and memories together. Many, however, will have an empty table. Some have one or more empty chairs.

My family has lost three family members this year. Their absence will scream to us. I chose to accept the absence as life’s final stage while I strive to fill that space in my heart and mind with happy memories from gatherings we had in the past. Yet work toward making new ones.

I am so thankful for each one…Mother, Uncle, Cousin… who was part of my life. Because of them my heart beats a happy beat and my face wears a  smile even though my heart has been bruised and broken with their passing. It was wonderful knowing each of them. They left me a better person than I would have been had I not known and admired them.

I think of the words of Mr. Roberts, the TV star from yesterday’s programs. In his neighborhood he liked people as they were; not for what they wore, not for what they did, but for what they were. And with those words, I am determined to have a happy thanksgiving this year. Yes, I shall recognize the empty chairs. But there will be occupied chairs and their will be food to share, so, it is now their time.  Perhaps, they will see a broken heart can love them just the way they are.

Happy Thanksgiving, DiAnne

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