The year is almost over! When did that happen?  Did I sleep for months? Have I totally lost track of time?  My goodness, it seems yesterday we attended graduations, summer Bar-B-Q’s, picked ripen fruits, mowed grass for hours at a time in blistering sun, and swam in warm waters. Now, can it really be time to prepare for the family Thanksgiving meal?  Are we sure the world isn’t turning faster? Perhaps a side affect of global warming! Oh, well, I shall grab my big girl slacks, zip them, and get ready to start the holiday race 🙂

Psalms 92: 12 – 15 tells us the righteous will flourish like a palm tree…they will still bear fruit in old age, they will stay fresh and green, proclaiming, “The Lord is upright; He is my ROCK…”    That faith and persistence is what causes one to be known as, “Righteous.” You must believe and keep on keeping on….Hang in there. If you feel you cannot then take the hand of Christ in faith. He hung on a cross for us and defeated death and the grave. He will hold us when we cannot hold on!   No dought this year there have been some set backs and discouragements but you made it!  Here it is NOVEMBER! The end is fast approaching. Just one more month in this year!


I can’t help but think of the tires in the picture I took. The ones that could not contain the air just flattened out and became useless. They were different sizes and therefore could hold different amounts of pressure but as long as they held it they could do what they were meant to do. Of course, it is best never to make comparisons as we are each uniquely capable in our own right. It is only when we let go that we “go flat.” At that very time we become useless. So remember… Success is largely a matter of hanging on…endure. We are in for a fabulous finish!
Until next time, DiAnne

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