Leaves Are Falling!

Leo Buscaglia, Ph.D. wrote a delightful book with the sweetest story of life for all ages to enjoy. I shall never look at falling leaves again and not think of his leaf named , “Freddie.”

Coppery Orange-Red seems to be the color of the season.

Coppery Orange-Red seems to be the color of the season.

Freddie and his companion leaves change with the passing seasons, finally falling to the ground with winter’s snow. The story is inspiring, thought-provoking allegory illustrating the delicate balance between life and death.

Here in Western Kentucky, the rains came and winds blew all day yesterday. Temperatures have dipped as the ground where grasses remained became covered in many colorful leaves. Leaves of sorted sizes and conditions lay in great piles and wide spread over most of the lawn. The deciduous trees are quickly becoming bare and look very damp and cold.

Life is much like that isn’t it? Our families grow and become full as many relatives gather for various occasions, then as life moves on our members die off and leave us with empty spaces. Then, after a while, the next generation fills our family with new members.

We like Freddie ; live, love, learn, leave. 1 Corinthians 15: 51 tells me we shall not all sleep (die) but we shall all be changed. Like Freddie we cannot hang on forever!

What a sweet story! I would highly reccommend you read this book published by Henry Holt and Co.

After reading , “The Fall of Freddie The Leaf” I remember the words of the Holy Bible. 1 Corinthians 15:55 says, ” O death, where is your sting? O hades (hell) where is your victory?”

I think I’ll go watch the leaves fall! Until next time. DiAnne

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