Renewing of the Mind: Romans 12:2


My my what a beautiful autumn we have had! Take time to look about and see the changes taking place in our world. Many are delightful, peaceful, ever so pleasing to mind and spirit. But as I look away from nature and observe mankind…. (The creation made to praise and honor God our creator) I am amazed and saddened at the lost opportunities to renew our minds and draw closer to God and fellow man. Everywhere I go lately, I see people staring at devices, tapping out text messages. I see teens and even adults playing computer games while wearing earphones so the real world can’t distract them from winning the battle or quest or whatever the end goal is. I’ve been in offices and restaurants where people sit alone, noses buried in iPads or computers, and seen people in restaurants never speaking or looking at one another because they’re smitten with the “smart” phone in their hand. Oh, my, let’s remember the words of Romans 12:2 and be transformed by the renewing of mind. That may mean meditating, observing, communicating. Whatever helps get your mind on The Holy God then do it. We need a human race who can face and solve real problems all while worshiping The one who loves us and provides many ways us for us to renew our minds. Until next time, DiAnne

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