Ordinary Farmer

cattle grazing

Have you heard of Gideon? Of course many of you have. He and about 300 other men saved the Isralites from a strong enemy force. You can read about their bravery in Judges chapter 6 verses 11- 16. Notice that scripture tells us we have a treasure in our earthly body. What? Yes, that is what the Bible says! Gideon was an ordinary person. I like the fact he was a farmer. Farmers are hard working people who do not usually seek fame and fortune, but care for the earth, and till it and reap from their labor…hard labor.

Gideon inspires me. Firstly, because I am a farmer and am married to a farmer. So, you can understand that I admire our “average” Farmer. I hope we never see the farms in America totally owned by cooperations or industries.

Secondly, Gideon was not famous or powerful. He was , “ordinary.” So whan the enemy was defeated and the battle was won for the Israelites, God was the power (or treasure) that did the winning. Isn’t that just like a Holy all-powerful God to use ordinary people and pour out HIS strength and wisdom so they could defeat the enemy and save HIS people. I like this story. Do You?

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