Obedience Brings Blessings, Disobedience Brings Confilct

red corn cobsProverbs chapter 28 is a chapter with so much good content you have to take it a verse at a time or a theme at a time. Since it is the end of the month I know it is possible some of my readers felt as if they would never never break even much less get ahead. Consider these three points:
1. Chapter 28 verse 13 says sins should be confessed. That means admit you have fallen short of pleasing God.
2. Confess and forsake. Ok, we confessed, but notice we have to walk away and not return to sin again. Forsake- leave the sin.
3. So if you do #1&2 doesn’t it stand to reason that a God of Mercy will hear you and offer forgiveness and you will be able to prosper again? He always hears but You can determine if you receive blessings or conflict.
Go over to verse 25– but he who trust in the Lord will be prospered.
Looking forward to a new month tomorrow…. Never too late to try again!

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