Staying Busy

In case …..just in case….anybody would like to know……or see……

Canned Tomato JuiceOur table decorations


I have busy hands and very little slack time. I like to stay busy…often finding I’m too busy!

Housework is a chore.  (ugh)  But, I adore time with family and friends.

When I am alone, here are some things I do…

I enjoy reading, meditating, learning, teaching, experiencing first hand some new whim, sport, or pastime, and many of you know I dearly love to travel and photograph anything! (See other post ) I dabble in painting and of course I paint wooden hammer handles and offer them as gifts to brides to be; or young ladies going of to college, ladies in shelters, ones who have lost everything to fires, and some purchase them for gifts. These are “girly” hammers and most of them hang on walls in the laundry or have a special drawer to themself but none end up in a greasy toolbox! No one has a problem keeping up with their painted hammer! They are in most of our states and in one museum. I still do all the work by hand so it is unique and no two are alike. (see painted hammers)

In August I celebrated another birthday and  as birthddays can I was reminded how quickly time passes, so I live life to the fullest and enjoy what I can while I can. Some are simple joys and sometimes I still , “get in over my head!” Do we ever learn?

Here is wishing you have a “FUNtastic” day……Soak it up! Live it up!


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