Change: It occurs all throughout life now doesn’t it?
Consider autumn….We are just entering that colorful time of year here in Kentucky. We have golden ripe soybeans, dried golden corn stalks, dark curled tobacco leaves drying and twisting as they lose their moisture. The deep shades of blue grass is getting shorter and stubbed. Farmers are busy from sun up until way past sun down trying to harvest before rains and harsh winter weather sets in.

It won’t be long until families will gather to celebrate winter holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and then another year’s end.

Yes, things change. In science I taught that all living things change. My poor blog had suffer from my neglect and was stale. I decided it was time to change all that and get to writing again. SO….Bloggedyanne has now become “Painted Hammers and Fried Okra!” Why? who knows? Perhaps because I spend a lot of time painting and because this time of the year one of the few vegetables left growing in our garden is okra. So there you have it. PAINTED HAMMERS AND FRIED OKRA. Do stop by again and say hello. It takes more that one to make a positive change! And I do look forward to meeting you and hearing your comments. Until next time….DiAnne A tree line

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