Things of Wonder and Beauty

I am thankful my feet have been in the Jordan River: Yes,the same river Jesus was baptized in and my feet have been wet and refreshed by those very waters on a day not too long ago.

Then one day, I visited a market in Nazareth.

I spied a coon hidden in the pond.

A breeze floating under tall coconut trees lifted my hair and dried my neck one day in Honolulu, HI.

Old tractors are interesting and the old men that drove them are too!

King Salmon Fish drying in Alaska smelled smokey.

African Elephants with huge ears that fan can entertain and amuse me.

This Grizzly was roaming in Hanes, Alaska, and the penguins in Antarctica coming to call on Bloggedyanne!

I am so very thankful for all the lands both warm and cold; for the majestic mountains both round and tall, for everyday lived, at home or far away…..I am so very thankful for each one…..and so to my creator, I say THANK YOU!

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