You see these feet? They are Happy feet…that’s right…Happy Feet in Hawaii! Standing there in the warm sand with cool Pacific water washing over those tired feet that flew many miles to be right there on Waikiki beach!

We saw so much beauty in the five ports we visited and had a fun time in Hawaii. There is nothing more fun than cruising the islands and enjoying the Polynesian culture. But all fun has to end at some time so my happy feet are snuggled back into socks and sneakers ready to walk our land here in the Bluegrass State again….but I feel them smiling!

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  1. Cathy Palmer says:

    Some great pictures!
    Just incase we don’t ever get to go….I am glad you shared these with me!

  2. Linda King says:

    We love the kissing photo of you and Papa! 🙂

  3. Linda King says:

    Brings back memories. Love that paradise. I feel blessed to have lived on the Big Island and spent time on the others.
    So glad you got to share it together.

  4. Sherry says:

    So glad u had a great time!!

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