I wish to say thank you.  MANY THANKS to the men and women who are now serving our country.

I pause to remember those who have served our country. Blessings to your families.


How has it come to be…..

Have we forgotten who our heroes are?

In our time it seems we often cheer bad behavior.

These days we wear less clothing or costly ragged clothing.

Have we forgotten the value of caring for one another?

Have we forgotten to stand tall and be all we can be?

These days there are a number who seem to try to be sloppy in apparel and  appearance. When did we decide to pay for tears, ravels, holes, oversized pants… or the opposite….clothes that are too tight and leave nothing to the imagination, necklines that are not even close to the neck?

Where has pride in appearance gone?

Manners, seem to rarely be displayed.

Have any of you noticed mannerisms can be terribly rude?

Where is the pride in work?  When did we forget to contribute to society?

I, will not give in to such…

I do not believe those are the reasons our dedicated men and women are in uniform and fighting to defend America.

Call be fanatic, old fashioned, hard-headed, whatever, but I for one will stand for decency, respect of fellow man, a good work ethic, and kindness.

I appreciate diversity, but, I do not support anything that would make mankind less than worthy of respect and kindness to self or fellow citizens.

There is no such thing as free handouts. Someone pays!

That is not why America was founded as a free nation….free doesn’t mean you’re free from obligations.

My advice (for what it is worth) is as follows:

If you decide to be “different” then do it in a way that will bring yourself and others respect and honor.

Do it in a way to cause your life to become richer and fuller. Why settle for less?

Life, not an easy life, was attained at birth. Our preamble says all men have the right to the pursuit of happiness. We must work to make life good. It is not going to jump up and slap you in the face. It is a pursuit…a chase, a task.

How would you define,”good?”

Life is about 90%  what you make it by your choices. So, we must plan and set goals. Individuals decide what is “good” for them.

I am extremely thankful for the privilege of living in a country where we are free to make choices  we feel will cause us to have a good and happy life, and to be all we can be. If you are not, and you disagree, then feel free to leave and go elsewhere. Our borders are still open.

If that sounds harsh, so be it. We need supporters not loafers. We must pull our load to keep America great. Some may wonder if I have done my share.  I have worked at public work (teaching) for 33 years. I have also been employed as a part time seasonal worker. I have raised children and am a farmer, farmer’s wife, and author. So, I think I can say yes. I am still active in church and our community. I am a senior citizen but I still can contribute and plan to as long as I am able.

What a privilege to live In a country that offers free choices!

AMERICA, a country where young men and young women are willing to defend rights!

THANK YOU VETERANS, ACTIVE SERVICEMEN and SERVICEWOMEN. I Salute you this Veteran’s Day. Thank you for helping preserve our right to free speech, the right to choose religion and a lifestyle to support faith,the right to pursue happiness, and a number of other benefits while living in AMERICA: Land of the Free!

I’ve had a lot to say today. Thank you for reading to the end.  America, let’s bless God.

God, bless America! Land that I love. Stand beside her and guide her.

<(((><   Bloggedyanne

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