Watching the Leaves Change

I  certainly am enjoying some fantastic fall weather here in Kentucky. Today is sunny and full of color as the leaves all around are showing their colors! Tints and shades of scarlet,brick-red, red-gold, golden yellow, rusty-browns,and of course some are still green…all shades of green, can easily be seen.

Splashes of colors waving in the breezes seem to bid farewell to those of us who will wait around for the chilly winter snows that should blow in before a new year begins.

I try to soak up every free minute as I know how hectic the days can become as we prepare for harvest, Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays here on Son-Glo Farm.

Tomorrow I must head out to the dentist then I plan to be at an elementary school to do one of my favorite things in the world…read to children.  I will offer my “Cookie Raccoon Must Be Brave” book for sale. I’ll be honored to sign each copy if the new owner wishes. What a delight to read and watch the little ones react to the characters and events!

Did you have a favorite book or series of books as an elementary student?  I wonder if the future generation will miss holding and cherishing the material copies of their favorite book?

Time marches on and “progress’ occurs. So, we find youngsters reading hand-held devices now. I guess I am telling my age,but, I think I would miss marking those favorite pages and going back to re-read a certain line or page.

However, just as the season change so does technologies, learning styles, and trends. Perhaps that is good as we would be very set in our ways if they didn’t and our brains might become rusty!

Have I told you lately I love having you as a follower here on Bloggedyanne? I do!  I really like our time we spend together and hope you’ll stop by often.

Got to go…..leaves are changing!

<)))><   Bloggedyanne

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