Bluegrass Autumn 2012

Mr. and I went to Paducah  last night to hear the Bill Gaithers Gospel Singers. We laughed, cried, waved, clapped and had a wonderful time with 1800 others. Sometimes listening and sometimes singing, but always rejoicing to the praises. We were there to offer our time and praises to our Lord, Jesus Christ, God and HIS Holy Spirit. And that is exactly what we did.

The weather was horrible with a cold blowing rain and puddles to jump (or tread) but we got inside and things changed quickly. It was good to sit in a warm building with comfortable seats after having to walk about two blocks in nasty weather.

We have been fans of southern gospel music for many years and the Gaithers are right up at the top of our fans. So, we had a good time, even though it is not too often we go to events.   Mr and I like the life we have here on Son-Glo Farm.

Here are a few pictures of life here on the farm in the autumn of 2012.


It has been a HOT and DRY summer in the Commonwealth of Kentucky (Bluegrass State) However, it was a fantastic year for fruit trees. Fruits and nuts produced at a record high. But as our summer winds down now, it is time for the Hummingbirds to fly south. Time for calves to be weaned. Time to get out the sweaters for the crisp nights and early mornings, and In our area, yard sales and fall festivals are plentiful……..I think I’ll go take advantage of some second-hand shopping and decorating ideas.  Maybe today I’ll get a chance to give a smile away!

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