Delightful Galapagos

Some of the many colors of Galapagos

This giant turtle is the last of his kind

Galapagos Islands are made of volcanic peaks and belong to Ecuador.

Long ago Pirates buried treasures and Mutineers were sometimes left on the enchanted islands but don’t worry that is just me!

Big bull seal with very strong neck muscles to defend his heard.

I really enjoyed watching them scurry about sometimes sideways! These crabs are amazing little creatures.

There are all sorts of wonderful and entertaining birds. The Boobie has to be one of my favorites.

I saw so many splendid iguanas. When I taught science I had a six-foot iguana in the lab. There were many her size on the island and all colors; red, green, browns, and even yellow. I swam with some of them and with seals too.

What a wonderful world we share with these animals!  If you like warm weather, clear teal waters, white sandy beaches, beautiful flowers and plants, exciting wildlife, then you might wish to plan a trip to one of these enchanted islands. They are in the Pacific Ocean about 600 miles west Ecuador, of course, I found more places on planet earth I thought was fantastic: Ecuador and Galapagos!

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