Hues of Autumn on Son-Glo Farm

Harvest blessings 




      SON-GlO Farm is popping with color!


About Painted Hammers and Fried Okra

I hand- paint wooden hammers and have them in most states in the USA. They are very popular as gifts. I have one in the museum of hammers in Alaska. I live on a farm and raise a vegetable garden. Being in the mid western part of the US my family likes fried vegetables, especially fried okra.That is how this blog got the unique name it has.
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2 Responses to Hues of Autumn on Son-Glo Farm

  1. Bobbye K Emerson Broughton says:

    Hey girl,
    What a neat blog. Beautiful pictures and thoughts from a beautiful woman. Don and I went to Alaska on a cruise in August. Such a majesticplace. No doubt God’s hand carved out that land. Think of you often. Give Sonny a hug for me. Love you,Bobbye K

    • bloggedyanne says:

      Hi Bobbye Kay, I think of you often and it always brings a smile and flood of good memories. So glad we share a history! Sonny and I went to Alaska to celebrate our 50th. (The year Alaska celebrated its 50th as a state!) I will post more pictures as I can. That was a wonderful and very special trip/cruise for us. Glad to hear from you and Don, also happy you got to go to Alaska, that marvelous land of splendid beauty. Hugs, my friend. D.

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