While reading  Jeremiah 18 : 4,  I noticed the clay held in the potter’s hand was marred.  Marred!

As in blemished, broken, damaged?


I looked more to discover that the potter never put the clay down. He did not drop it or throw it away.

The verse says the clay was marred in the hand of the potter!  Hummm…….

The clay was where it should be.

Notice, the potter made it again into another vessel.

Wow!  That is good stuff!  Same material, different form…….

1Corinthians15:38-45  says all bodies are different. There is a natural body and a spiritual body. One is corruptible the other is not.

Has life got you spinning? Are you feeling pressed from every side? Do you feel less than perfect?  Run to THE POTTER. Isaiah 64:8

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