Hello world!

Dianne KingWelcome friends to Bloggedyanne. Is that a word?   It is now! As of September 15, 2012, Bloggedyanne is a word…A word connected to this blog and one I am sure you will remember as we will meet often.

It sounds much like the character in the children’s book named Raggedy Ann. In fact Raggedy Ann and I have some similarities  (as well as some differences.)

First, the similarities: I am somewhat like Raggedy Ann in that I have a big smile,

eyes that twinkle… All four of mine!

A  body that has had  a few stitches!

I share my  happy life with my husband, children, grandchildren, siblings, and any number of other relatives and friends.

I am different from Raggedy Ann because she never had a blog…

but I do:)

I also have a beating heart!

I look forward to sharing the joy of rural life, photos,restorations, travel and Bible study.

SO…. Let’s be friends!

The best way to start fall of 2012 is to find new friends.  So, Welcome,friend!

About Bloggedyanne

Not much to share.
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One Response to Hello world!

  1. bloggedyanne says:

    Thank you Patrick. Your photography is beautiful.

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